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My Favorite Youtube Video

My favorite youtube video is below:


This is my favorite video because it was a project my family and I did together. We heard about the Georgia Powerbal Contest sometime in January so we decided to come together to do this. The goal was to make a commercial advertising Powerball Lottery’s arrival in Georgia.

We all came up with the scene together. For this particular video, my aunt worked the camera; my grandmother and I were the actresses; my mom was in charge of hair and makeup; and I edited everything together using Final Cut Pro.

Currently, I live on campus and my family is two hours away. That we were able to get together and do this a few weeks ago really made me happy because I’m usually far away from home for a long time. Oh! The puppies are my aunt’s pets too! Working with them was a lot of fun. They wiggled all over the place! lol! ^-^ I suppose you could say including them in the video was just one way to welcome them into the family. =)

Even if we do not win the contest, just getting together to do this as a project was a lot of fun! That’s why this is my favorite video!

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