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‘Fairly Oddparents’ exclusive: Season 9 will premiere…

Wishes do come true! Love those Fairly Odd Parents!


Adventure Time – Legends of Ooo Update

For Adventure Time Fans, from Cartoon Network!

…To Get Away (An Elmo and Abby Cadabby Short Story)

In addition to being an aspiring Multimedia Journalist, I also like to do a bit of creative writing in my spare time.  I compose a variety of pieces that are either based on different prompts found online, or that just strike me whenever inspiration hits.

Recently, I have watched a few YouTube videos featuring the characters Elmo and Abby Cadabby from Sesame Street.  I was particularly interested in clips from the show’s specials entitled “Talk, Listen, Connect” (which dealt with Military Families) and “Little Children, Big Challenges: Divorce.”

The “Talk, Listen Connect” initiative used Elmo’s character to help kids and their families through the emotional changes that come with having relatives in the military.  Part of the special involves Elmo learning how to handle his feelings whenever his father, Louie, is deployed or returns from work.

The “Little Children, Big Challenges: Divorce” initiative consisted of Abby Cadabby, a pink fairy that the show introduced in 2006, explaining how she deals with the challenges of sometimes living with her mother in one home, and her father in another.

These programs inspired me to put a different spin on Elmo’s and Abby’s situation by looking into the future and seeing how their home lives might have affected them as pre-teens.

Below is the piece that was born from this idea.  It is slightly darker than Sesame Street’s presentation of these issues, but realistic in a way that I think resonates with its audience.

The piece can also be accessed from my Deviantart Account:

It used to be so easy.

At least, that’s what they thought.

Probably because it was.

It was easy to play.  To bask in sunny days that swept the clouds away.  To breathe in the air that was so, so sweet.

After all, it was Sesame Street…their home…and nothing could go wrong there.

But now, that was gone.  They just couldn’t get to that world anymore.

No matter how hard they tried, they just couldn’t escape.

The red monster and pink fairy sat side by side under a shady tree in the park.  The bark was rough against the back of their necks as they gazed at the night sky, hand in hand.

This was as far as they could go, when they just needed to get away.

Abby.  Her parents were divorced; had been since she was three.  She lived with her mom but visited her dad on the weekends.  Or…sometimes he would visit them.  Like tonight.  And tonight, somehow, they had started to argue over what had caused their divorce in the first place all those years ago.  And they yelled, and yelled, and yelled, until Abby couldn’t take it anymore.  The eleven year old…

needed to get away.

Elmo.  His parents were still together, but his dad was in the military.  This meant that he was deployed.  A lot.  The amount of time his father spent away from home only grew over the years.  When he did come home, it was for too short a time.  Whatever went on overseas caused his dad to have nightmares too.  And when he was gone, Elmo’s mom would often cry…a lot.  Like tonight.  And the eleven-and-a-half year old…

needed to get away.

They never told their friends; they didn’t want to worry them. No, the only ones who knew of their issues were each other.  

Abby was the first to confide her problems in Elmo.  So, he did the same to Abby.And from that, they sought solace in each other.So on nights like this, when Abby’s parents yelled or Elmo’s dad was away while his mom cried in her sleep, the two pre-teens would meet each other.

And sit under the tree.

In the park.

Beneath the stars.


To try to reach that time when they had been younger.  And it had been easier.

So much easier.

At least, they thought so.

*To learn more about Sesame Street’s initiative to help Military Families, visit this website: 

*To learn more about Sesame Street’s initiative to help families deal with Divorce, visit this website: Sesame Street Helps Families Cope with Divorce  

YouTube’s Contest before Permanent Shutdown! (April Fools!)

With the rise of Social Media, there also comes the expansion of connectivity that allows practically everyone to participate in worldwide campaigns.  These digital mediums have garnered support by the millions for movements such as Bully-Prevention, Natural Disasters Recovery, Cleaning the Earth Initiatives, and more.  The ability to easily bring so many people together has also opened the path for multiple cultures to share in the celebration of various holidays.  For example, we can always depend on Google to modify the design of its homepage in conjunction with a multitude of events throughout the year: from the birthdays of famous people like Jim Henson and Dr Seuss, to more popular dates like Valentine’s Day and Christmas.  This year it was YouTube, one of the more world-renowned branches of Google, who rang in April Fool’s Day with perhaps the most creative prank on the internet.
 YouTube’s administrators released a video stating that the website’s launch in 2005 was all part of a contest to find the “Best Video” in the world.  After reviewing every video ever uploaded, they would narrow down the nominees before deleting everything and shutting down the website for good.  The winner of the contest would be announced years later in 2023, when the website would re-launch with a remarkable depletion in content, save for one…special….video.

Needless to say, YouTube users were quite aware that this announcement was obviously a ruse.  Still, the sheer amount of realism and effort that went into crafting the joke is enough to give the website high accolades for being a Master-Prankster this year.

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