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Facebook Experience

My past experiences on Facebook has been beneficial, and efficient.

I first signed up with Facebook during my Freshman year of college because it was a requirement to join the group that The West Georgian newspaper had set up on the site. Writers for the paper were told to check Facebook for updates on meetings and events/articles that were available to write about, and to know what stories were already assigned.

After I joined Facebook, I was immediately hooked. One thing that I absolutely love about that site is that I have been able to reconnect with several friends and family members that I have not seen in a long time. Many of the people that I have found or who have found me are people that I thought I would never hear from again, so I’m thrilled that we’ve found each other once again through the advancement of a modern technological site like Facebook. One friend that I have found moved away from my home-town when we were in the fourth grade. I hadn’t heard from her since, and I just found her on Facebook last year! We were both very excited and we did a lot of catching up in talking about old times! The site makes it much easier [than it was in the 90s] to maintain connections with those who live far away. Also, I am part of a variety of groups that help to enhance the social networking that is necessary in order to progress in today’s society.

Many of the groups I have joined of Facebook correlate with larger, national groups (The National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Alpha Lambda Delta, etc.), and I know that any information presented on my profile pages and on my account represents who I am as a person. I know this will serve as a great asset if any employer decides to check out my profile page to analyze my interests, as well as my membership and standing in various professional organizations. I like the fact members can control how they present themselves online, and that profile pages serve as excellent representations of people if someone of high status were to come across their Facebook pages. Another feature that I love about the site is that some professional organizations have actually made their own groups for people to join, and that increases the chance that a post made within the group could make a good impression on executive member if they happen to check the group for updates.

Currently, I have taken advantage of every social-networking benefit provided by one of the most popular sites on the internet. I have even made a Facebook group for my Reid’s Reel Review program that airs on the UWG campus. Family and friends have both joined the group, and I hope that the membership only continues to grow within the next few years. I am ecstatic that Facebook has made communication, as well as social networking as a whole, much easier and more beneficial for today’s society.

It is because of this that Facebook is currently my primary mode of technological communiction on the internet.

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