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Fun Things to Know About October 15, 2013!!

Written By: Brittany L. Reid
Twitter: @Britangel21
October 16, 2013
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Tuesday was a very memorable day for a lot of fun reasons!



First, it was Vincent Martella’s birthday!!  Some of you may know him as Chris’ friend Greg from, Everybody Hate’s Chris.  But, about 99.999999% of you may be more familiar with him as that imaginative kid with the pointy nose from Phineas and Ferb.  Yep!  “Phineas” celebrated his birthday!  Also, it just so happens that on Sunday, he joined the cast of The Walking Dead for its fourth season premiere!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY VINCENT!


*Article from September 20th, covering Vincent’s new role: ‘Walking Dead’ Casts ‘Phineas And Ferb’ Voice Actor Vincent Martella As Carl’s New Buddy:
Writteny By- Splash Page Team

*Article from October 14th, written by Terri Schwartz for Zap2it-> ‘The Walking Dead’: Vincent Martella on Season 4’s sickness and idolizing Daryl 
Twitter: @Terri_Schwartz



Did you know that yesterday was officially, “National Grouch Day?!” (as dubbed by Sesame Street Magazine).  So, if you just so happened to be feeling grumpy about anything, that was probably why!  You simply channeled your inner Oscar-the-Grouch!”  (I wonder what would have happened if Oscar ran into Grumpy Cat)!

A little fun fact about the Grouchiest Mascot ever:  Oscar is Canadian!! (See Below)

Apparently his dad is actually from Saint David, New Brunswick and his mother grew up in Nova Scotia!!!  (Go Figure)!

  grouch   thCA1UR75U

*Speaking of Sesame Muppets, the day before, October 14th, was Grover’s Birthday!

grover  Happy Birthday to our cute, lovable, furry pal, Grover!  He turned 4……again! 



On the Morning of October 15th, Jim Henson‘s biographer, Brian Jay Jones, appeared on The Today Show, to talk about his newly released book, “Jim Henson, The Biography.”   The following link comes from The Today Show’s website and features an AMAZING clip, as well as an excerpt from the book.

The Today Show- Jim Henson’s Biography


WE MISS YOU MR. HENSON!!!!  Thanks to Brian Jay Jones for documenting your story!!!

For more on Brian, visit his website! ->



      The Legend of Korra Facebook page announced yesterday, that this Friday on Nicktoons, we’ll FINALLY GET TO SEE AVATAR-WAN!  It’ll be another 1-HOUR SPECIAL, just like the series’ premiere!   (I’m so excited)!





On Tuesday, many people were in the spirit to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of the Walt Disney Company (which is officially on Wednesday)!  Several commemorations for the occasion included the Walt Disney Records Facebook page offering Disney classics to its listeners, and D23 recognizing artifacts from Disney’s history.:

* Post from the Walt Disney Records Facebook Page on October 16th, 2013:  ~Celebrate the 90th Anniversary of The Walt Disney Company with the Top Disney Classics station on Slacker.

This station was hand curated by legendary Walt Disney Records producer Randy Thornton features your favorite timeless Disney songs from past and present. ->

*From D23:
D23 presented Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives’ at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry.

Happy 90th Anniversary/Birthday to the Walt Disney Company!




**EXTRA- On Wednesday, October 16th, Toy Story is coming back!  Tonight at 9/8 Central, the Toy Story gang is doing a Halloween Special on ABC, Toy Story of Terror!!  So make sure you set your DVRs and/or tune in!



-By: Brittany L. Reid

Logo of the Fox Broadcasting Company

Logo of the Fox Broadcasting Company (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

           It began with a new television station’s struggle to find just the right type of entertainment to bait its audience hook, line, and sinker.  Who would’ve thought that the wrong content would be what they were looking for….or perhaps we should say the most unorthodox content?  The year was 1987 when FOX, a novice network practically out of the womb, premiered a show about a family of underdogs that would slowly begin winning the hearts of Americans.  A shoe-salesman, his fashion-forward wife, his ditzy daughter, and his wannabe-player son would spend the next few years taking the television audience on a journey of the rarely acknowledged every day life of the unconventional family.

           The context of this show, “Married…with Children,” would begin a tradition that seemed to be the key for future hit shows on FOX.  The network would go on to syndicate programs with the pitch of the “underdogs struggling to achieve.”  FOX would utilize real life scenarios in both factual and fictional settings, and play on the opinions and sympathies of America to debut the oddest elements of television programming, from attacking animals, to focusing on taboo subjects like drugs, sex, sexual orientation, and more.  The network would become renowned for cultivating shows like “The Simpsons” (following a similar foundation of “Married…with Children,” but in an animated format), “Beverly Hills 90210,” “In Living Color,” “Malcom in the Middle”, “American Idol,” and more.  From reality competitions, to pushing the patience of the FCC, the network became its own type of Underdog, one that would go on to even make fun of itself in the programs it featured throughout the years.

            While it’s only been a quarter of a century since the debut of this network, there is no doubt that FOX has become an integral part of the American family, simply because everyone has someone in their family with that same attitude as FOX: the reckless, over-dramatic, leap before you look type of relative who takes chances and somehow, always seems to still come out on top.  Now, at the brink of young adulthood, the network celebrated its 25th Anniversary on Sunday, April 22, 2012, with a look at its history.  Such a nostalgic sendoff allowed the audience to see how it has grown with FOX over the years.  It is only natural to wonder just what the next 25 years will have in store for the underdog that always seems to be… Charlie Sheen would put it, “WINNING!!!!!”  


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